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Focused Flooring – ACF Direct Services offers our clients floor consultation, and procurement purchasing options.

In partnership with high performance commercial flooring manufacturers, we hold multiple cooperative purchasing agreements. This provides our clients best value and a means of streamlining the purchasing and installation of their flooring project.

We will also provide an itemized scope of work necessary for a comprehensive and failure-free installation, saving you the disappointment or surprise of added costs during the project.

The best flooring installations focus first on preparation. Faulty subfloor or concrete slab conditions are the primary cause of early floor covering failure.

Floor Prep Does Matter – ACF installers will give attention to slab preparation that meets the requirements of flooring to be installed. Manufacturers guidelines will be followed, using the required adhesives, seam welds, and sealers.

The Value of ACF Direct Services

  • High Performance Floor Covering Options with Low Life-Cycle Cost and Ease of Maintenance
  • Extended Workmanship Warranties
  • Local Stock and Quick Ship Material
  • Experienced Consultation and Project Planning
  • Maintenance Training and Support

Floor Preparation

We offer turn key floor preparation services, utilizing our ACF floor prep team. We take pride in our workmanship, utilizing cutting edge technology and the latest equiplment to offer our clients the very best in floor preparation. Whether it’s a concrete substrate, wood subfloor or a light weight concrete surface, we have floor prep solutions.

Floor Grinding with Hepa Vacuums

We offer the lastest in concrete prep and floor grinding technology to clean slabs, remove old adhesives and flatten substrates. We utilize - HTC, Werkmaster, Ermator, Diamatic, Metabo, Pulse Bac and a variety of manufacturers for prep equipment. These are just some of the cutting edge name brands that we utilize daily on our job sites.

Substrate Shot Blasting

Following manufacturer guidelines. Our crews Shot Blast to provide the correct substrate profile on a concrete substrate for moisture membranes, primers or resin systems. Shot Blasting creates a CSP3 light profile or a medium profile of CSP 4 or 5. This profile is necessary to create a profile for bonding primers, resin and adhesive systems.

Substrate Crack Repair

Concrete substrates cracks always appear within a concrete substate – new and old. They’re more noticeable once a surface is aged/cured, sanded, planetary grinded or shot blasted. Cracks need to be addressed for a succesful long term flooring installation. We utilize crack chasers and crack filler to address and fill cracks. It’s a unique service that ACF specializes in and includes with any moisture mitigation or floor underlayment flattening service.

Moisture Systems

We recommend and utilize 2-component, solvent free, low viscosity epoxy for use under self leveling underlayments, installed floors and other flooring systems. This sytem offers subfloor or substrate strengthening and provides concrete protection from substrate moisture. A moistuer barrier helps control moisture propagation with cementitious substrates with a moisture contenet not exceeding 6% by Tramex Method or up to 100% RH.

Floor Underlayment

We utilize one-component durable and versatile cementitious or gypsum underlayments for interior subfloor and/or concrete cementitious substrates. We mobilize, prime, mix and install onsite.